4th grader

Today, you began your 4th grade year in Mrs. James class.  As I walked you home from school, I asked you my typical string of nosy questions.  You reported that your "favorite part of the day was the bell ringing and getting to come home."

Oh dear.  School still isn't your favorite.

This begins your second year of wearing only soccer jerseys for your daily attire.  You even chose an Arsenal soccer back pack! Your passion for the sport has only grown & your new soccer team "is on fire," Dad reported after practice today.

You have left over blue-green residue in your hair from your summer hairstyle and you want to die it red "next."   (whoops!  Mama thought this self-expression experiment was a summertime adventure!)

You're most concerned about what 5th grade math class you'll land in and who will be in Mrs. Primeau's classes with you, (as your best friends landed in other classrooms this year).  I'm so very glad school comes so easy to you - but I wish you enjoyed it more. 

We're really looking forward to watching you evolve in 4th grade and are so very proud of your hilarious self.  Your sense of humor continues to keep me on my toes and I appreciate how easily you can make us all laugh.  We're so lucky to be your parents.


RV trip to Oregon

This summer was a busy one and we'll all remember renovating the RV together and then traveling to Oregon in it.  We treated you to a viewing of Robin Williams "RV" movie and hysterically have a few adventures from this trip that would work perfectly for a sequel.  The bomb  (tire exploding) was probably all of our (least) favorite!

In Oregon, we saw the big rock from the Goonies movie, Cannon Beach & Crater Lake.  We also learned that we are the most terrible crab fisherman that there ever was...& that you absolutely cannot drive a boat (unless everyone wants to drive in circles!)


Celebrating Nana & Poppy's 50th Anniversary

All the cousins came together in Kansas for the celebration of Nana & Poppy's milestone anniversary.  A great time was had! We visited many pools and even drug Poppy and Nana into the water.  We're all so lucky to have each other!


Swim Team Photos

Your fist year on swim team together!  The year was great fun and the photographers shots were perfect & adorable, but I snapped these with my iPhone and love them too.


Mr. Handsome

Oh child. How these eyes and that little freckled nose melt my heart.  I love you so!
You are such an amazing little man.  This summer, I'm having a hard time adjusting to sending you off to school as a first grader... it'll be your first year in full-time school and my heart misses you already!

This summer was full of bike rides, swimming, jumping on the tramp, wandering through the creek in the park, and video games.  Oy.  Your most favorite thing in the world is technology and you would immerse yourself in a game all day, if we'd allow it.  

You are the most loving child.  Everyday you'll call out to me from somewhere far away - just to tell me you love me.  And, you still let me hug on and kiss you any time I wish.  You're just so, so, so special.  I tell you all the time and I absolutely mean it.  You're the best Rylan in the world.



This was your first year on swim team and therefore your first kidnapping.  An annual tradition for our Cherry Knolls Swim Team is the kidnapping of the youth by the older kids.  You'd heard the rumors and knew it could happen at any time...

You popped out of bed and ready for donuts!  Your bed head even earned you an award!


Homestead Swim Meet

So fun to watch you in this swim meet.  You swam on a relay and also in the 25 Free.  Your confidence in the water is growing and you only stopped one time to rest on the lane ropes. Unfortunately, you got disqualified - as they said you touched the bottom when you let go of the rope just a few feet away from the finish! (We didn't see it and are so mad that the officials would make that call on a six year old!)  Your heart was broken - but it was a good learning experience and we are so proud!