Merry Holiday!

While decorating the house, the kids decided to decorate these spare trees for their rooms. Kenzie did hers in Littlest Petshop and leftover Christmas ornaments. Rylan went for the hotwheel car option. I took a few photos and hastily devised this Christmas Card. Of course, as is typical for me, I realized it didn't print well and I ended up sharing it via facebook instead of via the mail. Whoopsie. Usually, it's procrastination that gets me. This year, it was my clever timeliness!



Our first Thanksgiving in Colorado was spent at home snuggled in the fold of our little family. The weather was beautiful so we walked down to our neighborhood park and had a good play. After a lazy afternoon - we commenced with the cooking. Doug discovered a new recipe for Buffalo Chicken Wings on the grill that was absurdly delicious (Kenzie loved them too!) Kenzie and I made our first stuffing, and it was surprisingly perfect. Rylan helped stir just about everything we ate.

Kenzie and Rylan decorated and set the table for dinner. Buzz Lightyear made an appearance for the final feast.

This year, we are thankful for this new home, which we love. This new state, which we love. And, for this wonderful holiday spent together (with some others joining us via Skype). We're building a pretty great life in Colorado, and we're all on the same page when we say we're thrilled & thankful to be here. A dip in the hot tub was a lovely way to end the day!



While the sister is at school, we seem to find a decent amount of moments like this. This kid has a very sweet heart.


"Him's Big Boy School"

Last year, we'd enrolled Rylan in the "Day out" program of Kenzie's old Preschool. It was just one long day of playing with friends and gaining socialization skills. In preparation, we started announcing Rylan's school as we drove by, etc. And, then we moved...a few weeks before he got to start going.

The little guy was so excited about "Him's Big Boy School" though and has been asking nearly daily, when we'd find "him's school," usually as we dropped Kenzie off at each morning. So, I started calling schools, near and far, and learning that they were all chock full. Because enrollment occurred LONG before we'd even thought of relocating.

After touring three schools, this one felt just right. Rylan loved it. I loved it. Instead of one long day with a naptime, they do two short morning sessions and the kiddo comes home for lunch. We signed up and they said he could start the following Monday!

We rushed out to buy his backpack...and he'd already firmly decided it would be a "Buzz Like-year" one. Of course, all Target had in the backpack section was Thomas and Diego. He was very disappointed, but decided he'd carry them both around the store a bit to determine which would work instead of "Buzz." Stubborn, I kept wandering the aisles thinking to myself that there "has to be a Buzz backpack somewhere!" And, what do you know...in the camping section, I found this one - which included a Buzz sleeping bag.

So, he was all set. And totally excited. Drop off happened without a tear. He waltzed right up to a quiet little guy and said "Hi, my name's Rylan. Wanna play?" The little guy didn't answer, so Rylan dropped down next to him anyway. I let him know I'd be leaving soon as he was sitting down at the table to paint a "I is for Inchworm" page. And, that was that.

He was happy at "Him's Big Boy School."