This blog is under creation. Admitting I'm a bad mommy, who has fallen sorely behind on their baby documenting, I'm reaching far back to document some memories before they're gone. Things will be a little wonky around here until I manage to get caught up and make the design a bit more pleasing. :)


A ballooning vocabulary

Kenzie's birthday balloons provided much fun, until they mysteriously disappeared a few days ago. :) Rylan enjoyed them immensely.

Ry is becoming much more communicative, and at 14 months old, here are his "tricks" and words:
He gives hi-fives.
blows kisses. With "Mmmmmm" sounds.
Growls at everything he'd like to eat.
considers Kenzie his favorite dance partner. He dances a lot..but would prefer to do it while holding her hand, which cramps her own dance moves a wee bit.

He makes appropriate noises for a monkey, lion, cow, horse & snake.
Says "Outside" and "Allright!!!"
Says Kenzie. (It sounds like Gigi, and has become yet another nick-name for her)

He's got a lot to say these days. With enthusiasm!


Slide Junkie

This morning was overcast but warm. After one of those great breakfasts where everyone is happy and eating well, we went outside to play. It felt like one of those magical mornings that everything goes just right and we're all so happy Daddy doesn't have to work. We're together and loving it.

Rylan has never shown much interest in the playstructure -beyond playing in the sandbox. However, today he ventured up the stairs and spied the slide. After his first time down in the arms of Kenzie...he was hooked. He can't get enough!


The weather this week shows promise for much springlike weather. We celebrated by taking a walk. Kenzie taught you all about walking dogs and found a lovely "pasture" for you to play in. You're quite the adventurer, just like your big sis.

Sometimes it's not clear who's leading who. But, you're both enjoying the trip.


Nakey Baby

Many apologies Rylan, for thinking your so cute while naked. This morning, while changing your diaper and clothes - Kenzie was ready to head outside with umbrellas in celebration of the rain. You escaped - as you frequently do - and acquired the umbrellas.

Of course...Mama was at the ready with the camera. You're so stinking cute!