First Day of Kindergarten!

Oh buddy. My heart is so excited for you. I know school is not your most favorite thing, but you are so, so smart and I just know you're going to shine! After you got up bright and early, did your chores and had breakfast ~ we headed outside to take our traditional first day photos. We then realized you were expecting to ride your new bike to school. Unfortunately, after we let you know we were walking so we could figure out all the spots we'd drop off and meet, etc. - you were highly disappointed. This was about as much excitement as you could muster for the front door photo:
Fortunately, you recovered quickly and we got some happy faces in our photos!
Here you are in front of Sandburg Elementary's sign for your first day of elementary school as a kindergardener in Mrs. Peterson's class.
Dropping you off in the classroom was a proud moment. We walked you to your spot and inside, I was wondering if we'd have tears and clinging. But, I saw you put your head down and start your coloring and I just knew you were convincing yourself you. could. do. this! Your Teacher, Mrs. Peterson, handed all the parents this nice poem:
I have to say buddy, that this poem made my cry like a baby. I love you so much and hope all your days of school go as fantastic as your first. You came out with bright smiles and big hugs. Like we always say: You are the best Rylan in this whole world!