Singing at the Park

One evening while Daddy was enjoying some man time...we headed to the park. Kenzie played around with my iPhone and took lots of fun pictures while we listened to tunes blaring from the Jeep.

It's not often that I'm in pictures, Rylan...so even though these aren't your best. I think I need to show you that Mama IS indeed in the memories too!



One morning, while being clever on facebook and writing a lengthy status update that eloquently described the raunchy morning I was having, I gave Rylan a handful of craft sticks to play with. He was munching on "A little of Everything" nut mix while playing and I was typing..typing..typing. Finally, I turned around to note that the situation had gotten out of control behind me. "A little bit of Everything" {Fitting name, no??} was everywhere!!

So, I figured I'd break out the lentils and popcorn for him to play with. And, was rewarded with a really good time. Which game me a few moments to clean up the earlier mess!


a camping we will go..

On weekends with predicted perfect weather - our first inclination is to go camping. We visited Clinton lake for the first time this season and stayed in one of our favorite campgrounds. The night was just as perfect as we expected it to be - beautiful weather, fun bubbles, treats by the fire.... bliss.

And, then the kids went to bed. Mama and Daddy enjoyed some adult time, staying up too late as we always do. Only to wake up at butt-crack of night to a little boy wide awake.

After attempting to ignore you, I finally pulled you in bed with me hoping we'd both sleep together. You took this as an invitation to play, poke, crawl, bounce, screech, SIGH. I did my best to keep you quite for a few hours and then tried putting you back in the pack & play, where you sleep. No go. Back into bed with me...and several grumpy hours later, you went back to dreamland. I was squashed at the edge of the bed, propped on my side and stiff after just a short time. But, this is how we slept until 9:00 a.m. when we all woke up groggy and grumpy.

We are not looking forward to putting you back in the pack & play!! You have exceeded it's limits, and I assure you there is really no way for you to be comfortable in it. Looks like we're back to the drawing board on suitable sleeping arrangements while camping!!!


Brunch at the Park

At the onset of Kenzie's kindergarten career we began doing something fun in the mornings before her afternoon at school. This particular day found us at a nearby park, enjoying the bird life and playing - after eating our brunch. We ended the outing with Rylan's first ever Oreo cookie. It was such a fun morning!!


Chef Rylan

The little dude likes to get his hands dirty in the kitchen. And, he makes a MEAN pizza. MORE CHEESE!



Your sister is a never-ending source of fascination and entertainment for you.

And, well... these steps have a story too. They serve as the naughty step. I've been wondering when to start the "time-out" on the stairs with you when you rarely misbehave. Turns out you've solved the dilemma for me. If you do something naughty (like BITE!) a scolding results with you bowing your head down and heading over to sit on the step without anyone even instructing you to do it. I hate that it makes me smile. But, it seems like you've already got this "time out" routine figured out!



Playing outside

Tonight was a great evening outdoors enjoyed with friends, a new toy lawn mower, and your favorite...a sprinkler. Nights like this are what a great summer is made of!


Hanging with the big kids..

I love it when an activity devised for Rylan ends up being a crowd pleaser for the big kids too.

Homemade sidewalk chalk paint recipe:
2 tbs. water
2 tbs. cornstarch
4 drops food coloring

Mix different colors in a muffin tin. & Be on the ready with refill ingredients. This was a big hit.



Kenzie "graduated" from another gymnastics class today. Rylan loves to go to her sessions, spending his time in the playroom which adjoins the gym. Today, he got to come in for the last 20 minutes of class for open gym, followed by the certificate presentation.

Big sis didn't mind sharing her limelight with him at all, eagerly encouraging him on as he broke away from my side to go sit by her on the sidelines...


Sunday breakfast

We love to have lazy Sunday breakfasts. Daddy always cooks something yummy, but the days where we can sit out on the deck, listening to music, in our jammies...or the best. We rediscovered the Connect 4 game this weekend. The kiddos had a great deal of fun with it, although a leg broke off in the middle of about the 12th round of fun.

The rest of the family had major bedhead. The little baldy still doesn't have to worry about that!


Going cruisin'

Starting at an early age, eh?