Our house is famous!

As we anxiously await our move-in date, we were notified that our new front door made the cover of this magazine!


Sweet Siblings

Nothing warms a Mama's heart more than seeing moments like this. This was taken in the stream, in the park, next to the school...of our new home! We learned that much traffic could be avoided by wasting time in this stream! (before heading back to the campground!)


"hims most favorite tree"

This large old tree was next to one of our campsites. Each time you trotted off to go climb in it, you'd tell me that you're "going to him's most favorite tree!"



This weekend we stayed in Breckenridge (we can never get a campsite for the weekend!). What a beautiful place to spend a weekend, and it was perfectly timed with Oktoberfest. This was daddy's idea, and I have to admit it was brilliant!



To pass some time this weekend, we went driving with no known destination. We visited a beautiful waterfall and had an interesting lunch at a restaurant that Daddy remembered from his college days. The food was good. The place was not so clean. It was a great day of carefree exploration.


Handsome Man


Chatfield State Park

As we wait on my car to arrive, our house to close, etc. we are enjoying some lazy days at Chatfield State Park. The kids are enjoying a park that's just a few yards away. We've wandered to the lake more than a few times. We've taken some time to be artsy outdoors and - we have even melted some crayons in a batch of laundry.

Our first day here was gorgeous. But, we learned a quick and important lesson. "Microbursts" can come through without any warning...and rip your awning totally off the RV! So amidst all the other chaos, we are waiting for an insurance adjuster to come peak at our crumpled up and ruined awning. We'll be looking forward to getting that fixed soon!

While Daddy is at work, we just try to enjoy each other. Most days we find it's easy -- just like being on vacation. :) But, the days that we do find hardest are when the hot sun creeps over and hangs out. Mid-afternoon can be blazing hot! And, well...since we've got no awning and relatively little shade - we hang out in the RV during the hot, Hot, HOT hours and get on one another's nerves.

In summary - I think this camping experience, which may expend on to 3+ weeks, is one that earns us raised eyebrows from most. It's working out to be a perfect solution for us (& our pets!) and I think we're assured some pretty fantastic memories that will stay with us forever.

Hey kids.. Remember that one time... that we camped forever??