Him's 3!!

Rylan's birthday weekend was filled with fun. Nana & Poppy came for the weekend. Race car cake was made. The 3-finger flash, was mastered!

A party for Chuck E. Cheese was planned.. for March 27 @ 4:00. Whoops! Daddy messed up the reservation by a month which was discovered - ahem, when he called to confirm our reservation. But, he's our hero and managed to reschedule the party for 6:00. One of our little friends couldn't join us for the new time, but his friend Davis came along, as planned. Turned out that Chuck E. Cheese did not disappoint.

Rylan enjoyed all the games. Turns out his game skills rely on a continuous tongue flick. He surprised us all by jumping in the ticket blaster without fear, goggles on... and caught a lot of tickets (one in his mouth, even!)

Cake was eaten, games were played, prizes were won. The three year old left with a smile on his face.. and we can count the event a success. I wonder if this will be our last Chuck E. Cheese experience?

We designed and mailed our Thank-You's, and it's official - our baby is 3!!


Fruit Loops

stellar parenting strategy FAIL: While shopping, the little guy was fondling every box of brightly colored and sugar fortified cereal in the store. After asking for the 27th box of it, I stopped answering. At this, he took my silence to mean a "yes" and plopped a box of Fruit Loops in the cart. Next aisle, while his back was turned, I deposited them on a random shelf. Returned home. Got chatty on the phone and hear a commotion upstairs. Sorta like eggs breaking.

Confirmed eggs smashed to smithereens, and the rest of the grocery stuff in a large pile on the floor. "Him's looking for Him's Fruit Loops, Mama!"

This is "Him's MAD face." "MOM. Wherrrrrre's MY Fruit Loooooops???"



In preparation of Cowboy Nick's 3rd birthday, we did our traditional (i.e. last minute, but we've become famous for it) decorate our own wrapping paper. Both kids were dressed as "cowboy" as we could muster, and I found Rylan in his new thrifted cowboy hat majorly adorable. Yeehaw!



The cookie says it all....

{traditional Valentine cookie a la Nana Bieker}


Snow Ice Cream

‎...nothing will stop this child from eating snow. Except - a bribe of snow ice cream. if. he. stops. it. right. this. instant.

Have you ever tried it?
Surprisingly, tasty!


Birthday boy

Rylan has been asked what he'd like to do for his birthday, and he's remained consistent. SO, the planning begins. This will be his first experience at this magical place.

Please note: that we are also hoping this exhausts your interest in it!!!


Bum-Bum Girls

Kenzie was walking out of school one day..and standing by the door handing out flyers was a handful of cute high school aged Pom Pom Girls. She was handed a flyer. And, that's all it took to convince her she needed to do the Pom Pom Clinic they were advertising. The school refers to these girls as the "Tom's." As a family, we had a hard time figuring out what to call the event - Pom-pom, maybe... Tom-tom????? So, we settled on what Rylan called them. "Bum-Bum girls!"

Kenzie performed at Half-time, which is a long wait for the little guy to see some action. He exhausted all things with entertainment value, until we got to see the "bum-bum girls" in action....



We've been on snow days for the past two days.. even though we only had ..maybe.. an inch of snow! The temperatures of -20 were enough to seal the deal for schools, apparently. Funny, Kenzie headed back to school today... and it's been snowing albeit a little warmer. We may be in for another day off tomorrow?

So, we tackled our Valentine's during the break and I LOVE how they came out. The outcome makes each of the kids smile too. We took photos of them with hands outstretched. Cut some slits above and below the hand, and inserted a sucker. Done.