California Vacay

Daddy had some business timed in California which coincided on the dates that Nana & Poppy would be there home sitting a house on the beach. We decided to join them all for a last minute trip, and stayed with Mimi in Manhattan Beach. Cousin Andrew and his family joined us mid-way through the trip.

Your first flight ever was uneventful with exception to the fact that both you & Kenzie had colds. But, once we grounded - the fun began...although I wouldn't peg it as one of the more relaxing trips we've ever taken. :) You were a lot of work for me, especially in a lovely home with fun things to dismantle!

There were several beach visits. We were all excited to introduce you to the ocean. You squealed with glee at the rushing water and hurriedly crammed some handfuls of sand in your mouth. Fortunately, you quickly learned this was not a thing to be repeated!

The time change was a bit rough...finding us awake at about 5:00-5:30 a.m. each morning. That's not my favorite time to be up, that's for sure. But, beach time is really therapeutic for the soul and we were soon all smiling again.

The flight home was a bit scary due to poor weather - but you slept through the majority of it, snuggled in my arms. Your first flight, first vacation, and first introduction to California was a wonderful adventure. We can't wait to do it all again!


A few of your favorite things...

I thought I'd summarize a few of things you love to do..a few of which can simultaneously make me crazy!! (please don't tell me this is why you love them!??)
1. Terrorizing, er...I mean playing with...the cats.

2. Rocking in the chair. Apparently, YOU can't do this from a seated position.

3. Talking on the phone. Any phone will do...

4. You're developing some obsessive compulsive tendencies about cleanliness. (family joke, given my preference for tidiness). You love to vacuum. For play..or for real. You also enjoy cleaning things with towels. Or socks.

5. What kiddo doesn't love balloons? Well, you love them in a BIG squealy way.

6. You love music. And, noise. You get this from your daddy! Drum time and guitar strumming are two of your favorites.

7. Unloading the dishwasher. I suppose you think you're helping. But, I regret to inform you that you are NOT.

8. You adore the playhouse outside. Many hours are going to be spent in there this summer.

And, this concludes the photographic summary of your favorite hobbies to date. I'm sure we'll be adding to the collection soon.