Rylan is TWO!

Rylan's second birthday surprised us all, I think. How is it possible that you were just an eensy little screaming acidy-reflux mess not so long ago?? It seems like yesterday that I was whining incessantly about you not sleeping through the night. Well, you've got that under control now...and are just a humor filled sweet little stinker!

For your birthday, I made a dinosaur cake. You love to make dinosaur roars at dinner time, with each bite. This year you had a nice big bruise dead center on your forehead. I almost Photoshopped it out, but hey, it was part of the day!

You got an amazing fire station for your room (from Nana Bieker), so now you have your own large play area and can leave big sissy's Barbies alone, maybe?

We woke up and had a nice breakfast with some yummy cinnamon rolls. And, then Daddy fell out of the celebration with the flu. And, if one birthday party wasn't enough - you got to have a second one at Nana & Poppy's!

You're such a big boy (literally!) weighing in at 34 pounds and topping the percentile charts for everything. Your vocabulary is awesome. We can actually hold a pretty enlightening conversation with you these days. You're such a joy, Rylan...and you fill our hearts every day!


Cars Junkie's

Mr. Rylan has become a fanatic of Cars, the movie. So, he got some Cars jammies in with his Valentine's gifts. Turns out that daddy has also become an obsessive compulsive rewarder of good behavior in the grocery store - by letting him pick a new car each visit. As you can see, he's acquired quite a collection!

Either Ry is a VERY good little boy, or daddy is very, very...weak!


This post sponsored by Chapstick

....a whole tube of it!!!


Magic Tricks

Rylan was very impressed by his very first discovery of "magic." Isn't he clever?


Snow Friends

On this day, the perfect amount of snow fell for us to create a whole family of snow pe


Booger Boy

I fear we're in for our fair share of objects lodged where they shouldn't be....


Ima Princess

One can tell the sisterly influence on the little guy when you ask him: "Are you a Prince or a Princess?"

He emphatically claims: "Ima Princess!"
On this day, a little friend was over for a bit, and I have to admit Rylan enjoyed being princessy a great deal more than she did!


Identity concealed

We've concealed the face of the princess on the right, to preserve his identity.