Mr. Handsome

Oh child. How these eyes and that little freckled nose melt my heart.  I love you so!
You are such an amazing little man.  This summer, I'm having a hard time adjusting to sending you off to school as a first grader... it'll be your first year in full-time school and my heart misses you already!

This summer was full of bike rides, swimming, jumping on the tramp, wandering through the creek in the park, and video games.  Oy.  Your most favorite thing in the world is technology and you would immerse yourself in a game all day, if we'd allow it.  

You are the most loving child.  Everyday you'll call out to me from somewhere far away - just to tell me you love me.  And, you still let me hug on and kiss you any time I wish.  You're just so, so, so special.  I tell you all the time and I absolutely mean it.  You're the best Rylan in the world.

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