Homestead Swim Meet

So fun to watch you in this swim meet.  You swam on a relay and also in the 25 Free.  Your confidence in the water is growing and you only stopped one time to rest on the lane ropes. Unfortunately, you got disqualified - as they said you touched the bottom when you let go of the rope just a few feet away from the finish! (We didn't see it and are so mad that the officials would make that call on a six year old!)  Your heart was broken - but it was a good learning experience and we are so proud!


First Swim Team Practice

After years of watching your sister swim on the Cherry Knolls Swim Team, it was finally your turn to join in the fun.  Apprehensively, we registered you knowing that you weren't a proficient or confident swimmer.  But, you joined all these other 5 and 6 year olds at exactly the same stage.  There were several who were apprehensive and terribly afraid- but you jumped in with a smile.

We're excited to see what you do during this swim team season.  We're proud already!


Sandburg Field Day

Sandburg Field Day is always a fun end-of-school year event.  You performed well, my man. And had so much fun!

Jump! (revised)

Just having some fun with my phone, an app & a photo of you!