We were all very excited for our first Halloween in our new house. We'd heard the "circle" is the place to be for lots of trick or treaters. It was a gorgeous day, an unseasonably warm 80+ degrees. Rumor has it..it's typically snowing by this time of year!

There was no question what Rylan would be. He hadn't stepped 2 feet into the costume shop - when he spotted Buzz "Like"-year. (as he calls him). He's been wearing the costume a lot and he's pretty sure it makes him run and fly faster than ever before. "To infinity...& beeeyoooooooond!"

We walked the circle and did a lot of squealing about the goodies being handed out. Little pumpkins chock full of goodies...Beanie Babies! Holy Moly. The loot was good!


Late Start

Today, Kenzie's school had "late start" so to celebrate, I walked the entire neighborhood of kids to school. Rylan was so patient and the weather was so lovely - so we hit the park after we dropped them all off. He started off by rolling down the hill...and then he made a new friend named Patty.


Getting Fancy

As we unpack the house, the kids have found excitement in the rediscovery of old things. Kenzie has been "dressing up" about a zillion times a day by pulling out random outfits from her closet - which she hasn't seen for a couple months. Today, Rylan joined her. Turns out he likes "getting a little fancy!"


Last Day of RV living

Rylan's been my little buddy all day at the campsite, while Kenzie has been at school. Today, we visited the park...one more time... It's been such a great way to pass the time. But, I am so happy to move away! :)

On the way back, he stopped to feed his dragon some berries from the bush. And, well... he was multi-tasking while he was hidden in the tree. Bathroom pit-stop!!



The Denver Zoo

We made our inaugural trip to the Denver Zoo today. What Great fun we had!!!