After a quick trip, broken into two days {with a night spent next to the semi's at a rest stop} - it's official:

We LIVE in Colorado!

Here we are crossing the border. Yep, we were one of THOSE families who stopped to take pictures of the occasion!

***photo of Mom & Dad, taken by Kenzie!


Moving Trucks.

You're a typical boy...totally enamored with trucks and tractors and anything loud. Often as we're driving down the highway - you're screaming from the backseat:
MAMA! LOOK! A tractor. MAMA! LOOK! A crane! MAMA! What's in that semi??? etc.

We started a game awhile back, guessing what's inside of those big semi's..and you've long ago come to realize what a moving truck looks like.
But, oh my goodness.... None of us expected that it was going to take the biggest moving truck on the planet to move us to Colorado! You were so excited to watch it pull up. Study it. Ask questions about "What are they DOING??"

And, then, if the day couldn't be any better. A cement mixer pulls into the cul-de-sac to work on the neighbors sidewalk. Two big trucks in your cul-de-sac. On the same day?? WOW!

Now would also be a good time to note that you mention all trucks by name, according to the Jon Scieszka's books like Smash! Crash! and Truckery Rhymes. Add to that...the Thomas the Train series...and we have just about everything on 4- wheels named!

Cranes are named Cranky.
Ambulances are named Rita.
Dump Trucks are named Dan Dumper.
Big Trucks are called Monster Truck Max.
Garbage Trucks are named Gabbie.
Cement Mixers are called Cement Mixer Melvin.
Ice Cream Trucks are named Izzy.

..and trust me. I could go on & on! You've got a name for everything on the road! And, it's funny - because now you call out:
MAMA! There's Cranky! And, I know just what to look for!


Saying Goodbyes..

As we get ready to relocate to CO, you and Kenzie are in the position of saying goodbye to the friends you've cherished for your (Rylan's) entire life. It's gone pretty well as you both seem enamored with the idea of living in the "MOUNTAINS!" But I just know you're gonna miss "My Sophia" as you always call her. You two are always up to something cute together...like you are here: You're showing her your cool soccer shoes, hand-me-downs from Kenzie, that are at least two sizes to big for you. And, well, Sophia thinks they're pretty darn cool, too.

Kenzie had a final playdate with her gal pals before we left - and you were included. These girls have been over frequently, and you've always been in the fold right there with them.

Fortunately, your best playdate is coming along with you to show you the ropes in CO!

On our last night in town, Nana & Poppy, Annie, Andrew & Kelly came to tell us goodbye. Don't worry - they promise to visit us in CO, real soon!


The story: You and Kenzie were running around like wild-crazies. Someone came up with the idea to wear diaper hats while you did it. I kept trying to take your picture as you went by - but kept catching only a blur. And, then...the diaper slipped over your eyes.

And. you. ran. into. the. wall.

Game Over!