Milestones Report

You're a boy of great comedy & character. You love orchestrating surprises. In the picture above, I could hear you talking on the monitor, apparently arranging a scene that would "scare da pants offa Mommy!" You enjoy being creative with your sister and almost every day you guys are up to some pretend scenario - you're puppies, bobcats, Mommy & child, living in caves, pretending to be sick and tending to one another.... gosh, there's never a dull moment around you two!

You've reached the age where you push each other's buttons, but the majority of your time is spent as fast friends. You're both early risers, much to your parents chagrin. And, you're both fixated on waking the other up - if you're first up. Guess, that's one of the hazards of your bedroom suite being separated from ours, by it's own staircase!

When sissy isn't around, you're my little buddy. We do fun stuff (& not so fun stuff) together and I so enjoy my time with you. I never know when there might be a dinosaur (or a heard of 'em) tailing behind the car. You insist they like popsicles and snacks.. and it's really fun to play along with you - letting your imagination lead the way. You, Kenzie and I have developed a fondness for thrifting. We never know what treasures we might trip over at what you call "the junk store!"

You've got a mastery of language by now, and are easy to understand in all that you say. We enjoy the cute wordings you choose and your pronouns are a hoot! "hers hungry." or "I'm going to him's big boy school." or "him's my friend." Your name is still perplexing to anyone new we meet - they always eliminate the "l" and think you're Ryan. Which you find highly annoying. You've mastered a "cute" look that's all your own. When you know you're being especially adorable, you squint your eyes just the tiniest bit, tilt your head to the left and bat your eyelashes. I suspect this has been designed to melt hearts...and let me tell you: it. works.

You are fascinated by all things superhero (& rotate through your costumes with frequent changes). Toy Story characters, Seek & Find Books, dinosaurs, and anything messy tops your list of favorite playstuffs. You love trucks, and making them crash. And, you love being helpful. Dinner preparation finds you by my side, wishing to assist.

Can't hardly believe it..but your third birthday is just around the corner. You're looking forward to Nanny and Poppy visiting for it and have insisted that your party will be at "Chuck E. Cheese... with balloons. & friends. and a race car cake."

So be it. Might as well get the Chuck E. Cheese party out of your system! Can't wait!



So, you're a big boy now. You're just shy of three and you've managed to use the toilet on several occasions at your own request. So, we embarked on the great task of potty-training.

The thing is... your aim is a little off. We started out sitting, but you like to do it "like Daddy." You also have miniature toilets at school and see your friends standing "like Daddy" there too. So, we're trying to do it the big boy way.....

~and hosing down the walls. Making puddles in the corners. Spraying your arms. Heck, you even shot yourself in the forehead... {as you were peering over that big belly trying to determine which direction to aim}. We've tried Cheerios as "targets." We've tried standing on stools & books. You're tall enough. We just need to master the equipment.

Seems like it's a "trial and error" thing. As child #2, you were another easy potty-trainer. You've got it down, and haven't had any accidents. Well, that is.. except for what we like to call - "the misfires!"


mr. smartypants

When Mommy is working and not being helpful.... I guess little guys just help themselves to a movie on Netflix and make themselves comfy on the dogbed near the desk. Mommy was surprised by your ingenuity and a little concerned about how easily you navigated the iPad!

So, mommy made herself feel better by letting you make a big messy art project. "Look! I make a Lake!"



These kiddos were desperately seeking a sledding experience. Amazingly, they survived sledding down the stairs followed by "skiing."