water, water, water, water.

It's starting to seem as if you spent your entire second summer wet, eh?



His girlfriend

Rylan and Sophia enjoyed an evening cooling off in the water. These two are laughingly referred to as boyfriend and girlfriend due to their strong attraction to one another. Only six months apart, (Sophia is the older woman) it'll be interesting to watch them grow up together. They are quickly drawn across the street to steal toys away from one another and have shared many a sippy cup. Rylan chants "Baby" from across the street when he sees her, and it's not uncommon for him to rush her with some smooches.


Radio Flyers

This weekend, we wandered outside and found mutual interest in Kenzie's old tricycle. Kenzie has always adored this trike, and we're so happy we bought it in red so that it can take it's turn as Rylan's when the time comes. (our neighbors went with pink...and luckily they have 3 girls).

Of course, as Kenzie hops on...Rylan wants the bike too. NOW. So, the gal generously scooted back on the seat and invited him to join her. The adorable antics continued up and down the street, and on through a few other streets in the neighborhood. Both simultaneously spider walking their way to their destination.

Both remained cooperative and pleased with their sharing. It was adorable.

But, then we noticed that the little guy was dragging his toes with each step and he had double-ouchies on the big toes of each foot. So, Kenzie began coaxing him toward home, working with him to pull the bike uphill.

Rylan was NOT happy when the adventure came to a halt.


a two sprinkler day

This morning, the front yard sprinklers were well timed with waiting for Poppy to pick Kenzie up for their weekly brunch. Rylan can't be stopped when those babies come on, so we just rolled with it, stripped him down and let him go.

Then, this afternoon, we were trapped at home because one of the cars is in the shop. So, for the second time, we looked to sprinklers for some entertainment. I hadn't even gotten the thing hooked up yet and Rylan had ripped off his clothing and was running around sans diaper. What a hoot.

Hope the little {insert last name} didn't tinkle where he sprinkled. :)


Birchwood Hills goes camping

Traveling to Table Rock Lake for a long weekend with the buddies from the cul-de-sac was great fun. We did a lot of swimming, a bit of boating, a lot of exploring (amounting to a disappointing haul on the skinks this year), and some pretty excessive eating - but we had a fabulous time. Camping never disappoints this family!! Now, if only we could get this boy to sleep in past 5:30/6:00 a.m., we'd be golden. Warning: parents who stay up to 1:30 a.m. the night before MAY be crankier than the toddler the next day.


Water Boy

This little boy of mine adores the water. LOVES. IT. He's also saying a few new tidbits lately. HIs favorites "touch it!" (which means "{don't} touch it." Guess he hears that a lot? He also grunts "want that" and "what's that" which sound one-in-the-same. "Uh-oh..." is also heard a lot. And, when he doesn't have anything else to say he just rambles them out in one long string..."touch it, want that, uh-oh....."

Given his love for the water, and how he "want that, touch it...uh-oh", I thought the words and these photos would be well-merged.