Worlds of Fun

Every year, Daddy's employer takes us to Worlds of Fun for worlds of fun. Your sister is quite the ride-riding machine...but I think you felt a bit left out of everything. You watched from the sidelines, very patiently waiting your turn. Finally, we reached snoopy land and you had a hoot with all the balls, tunnels, slides and toys housed there.

But, the highlight? You adored the mud puddle next to our bench at lunch. Worlds of fun...right there in the mud puddle!


Update on Life: at 18 months old

It's time I document what you're up to these days! And, that includes lots of talking!! Goodness your words are impressive, clear, and oooh, so cute!

Your vocabulary:
Hi, Mommee, Daddee, Kenzie, Sissy, Kitty, Cesi (the bad cat), Ball, Hot, Down, Help Me, Ow, {Z}oey, Car, Shoes, Swing, Tree, Bye, Go, Sit, Eye, Meow, Quack, Moo, Hisssss, Hoot, Snack, Shoes, Maaaa (goat), Duck, Up, Down, Okay, Eat, Hi Daddeee!, and you've got "no, no, no..." down pat!

You're a whopping 34 pounds, which lands you in the 94th percentile. Mama exclaimed "oh good, he's slowing down!" and got a grin from the doctor at your well-baby appointment, who said "um, he's still HUGE." And, well..you're still 100th percentile for height, and your head circumference is way off the charts. But, you're growing in proportion to yourself and at a continued rapid pace. You're wearing 2T & 3T clothes and still costing us a fortune to keep you dressed. Oh, and your feet are 8 Double Wide. Which means that Stride Rite had ONE pair of shoes for you to choose from!

You know all your body parts, and when asked "who's Rylan" you point your finger at your forehead. You've been telling us when you need a diaper change, you clever boy - so you're getting to know your new potty chair. You love helping out and are actually pretty insistent at helping make dinner...and you feed Zoey and the cats just about every day. You also give Zoey her medicine, although sometimes it turns into a bit of a chase as you bait and switch on her throughout the house.

It seems that you take after your Mama (finally, someone does!) with your love for books. Your sister loves a good story, but I think you could probably just sit around and read all day long...just like I could. We've got little baskets of books everywhere and you'll commonly sit down and read yourself a story - but most often, you start patting the chair and yelling at one of us to do it for you. When we hear a chair being patted around here...we know it's reading time!! NOW.

You won't even glance at a TV, much to my chagrin (it is a most excellent babysitter if you'll just give it a chance? - especially first thing in the morning!) You're still an early riser, much to my chagrin. 5-6:00 is way too early for me.

We had a nice run where you would put yourself in time-out at the mere mention of the threat. But..well, that was short lived and now you're finding things that get to us (like playing in the flower beds) and you get this cute little grin and push it to the limit. You've learned which houses on the cul-de-sac are most generous with their popsicles and you're over there a begging, because no one can tell you no!

You Run! You climb. You're becoming so self-sufficient. Yet, you're still our baby and we are enjoying you so very much!


Big & Little


Deanna Rose, yet again.

Nothing to do on a Sunday? Deanna Rose Farmstead again!

This time, Rylan found a stray balloon, quickly befriending it. It happily tagged along on all his travels.


Irish Fest

This year was your first year to really experience the Irish Fest. Last year found you strapped to a stroller, after all. So, you enjoyed as much of it as you could - given that you're still too little (ha. LITTLE? You? I know, there's nothing little about you!) but..I digress.. yes, you're too little for all the little bounce houses. And, well..there's that whole fact that. you. can't. jump. yet. So, you had to hang with Mama and watch from the outside which you were very patient about.

Thank gosh for those fountains and the bubble tables (oh, and the music!), because there was lots for you to enjoy with those. Um, except for that little splashing bubble boy who was a monster!

But, after we were done at the Irish fest, we were invited to dinner at our good buddies, the Del Popolo's house..and they blew up their bounce house where you could totter and fall all you wanted!


Chasing Balloons

A fun spontaneous outing presented when we saw a hot air balloon floating over our backyard. Hopping in the Jeep and expecting a bit of a lengthy drive to watch it land (hopefully), we actually saw it coming down 3 blocks away! It was fascinating and fun...and now we all want to ride in one!!!



Often, when we have nothing else to do...we go a wandering, which involves Kenzie telling us which turn to take at what street. The goal is that we'll end up...where we end up.

But...somehow, she always lands us in the neighboring 'hoods park. Where we really aren't invited to play, given that we don't live there. But, judging from the number of photos we have of this park - we aren't a family who abides by the assumed rules. Shame on us!



Some time ago, Daddy bought you a toy mower. You are a BIG fan of mowing! Whenever you see a neighbor or gardener mowing a nearby yard, you get yours out and start walking laps around the lawn.

I regret to inform you little guy...that this will be your chore soon enough!