Notable things you did during the month of December, 2008:

You eat everything in sight. You're a proficient walker but a big faker suggesting you can't. You walk while holding a single finger, and at times I'm able to shove something else in there (like a stick pony) and you'll wobble off without me, unknowing. But, the second you discover my trick you sit right down on your bottom.

You're holding steady at 8 teeth. You're a sleeping pro, but you think the day begins at 5:00, or at the latest 6:00. Of course, this means you're ready for a nap (as are the rest of us) at 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. You're obsessed with kissing and give the biggest gooiest slobbery kisses ever.

Our little family went to a photographer for the first time ever. We ended up with a cute collection of family photos that we shared as Christmas surprises to those who are used to Mama's shots. Speaking of...this was your first Christmas! You were a fun age for the holiday... but which isn't atypical for your age group - you loved the boxes and wrapping paper best!!