Monkey Business

Given your propensity for monkey noises since an early age, I felt this costume was more than appropriate for you. I'd bought it several months early and by the day you got to wear it, it was a tight squeeze. But, you loved being a monkey and earned more than your fare share of treats.



Pumpkin Patch

We chose the most beautiful day to visit the pumpkin patch this year. It was a great day for a perfect pumpkin hunt, not to mention terrorizing the chickens!



This month finds us doing all kinds of messy things to remodel the walls of the breakfast nook. Today, I was finishing up some touch ups to the paint. After leaving the room for a bit - I wandered back in to this scene. You'd found your own "paintbrush", lost your pants, and were very eager to "help" out!


Who is that handsome baby in the mirror?

Lately, you can't get enough of socializing with that baby in the mirror. You still refer to him as "baby", but we all know he's pretty darn cute!


Photographic summary of Ry's favorite things

Words probably aren't necessary, but these days, Rylan is loving:
cleaning, helping, trains, horses, riding, & cooking.