Here we plea with you to please love soccer as much as your daddy does. Your room is decked out in a wonky soccer theme..and we've learned that your sis really isn't keen on the sport. So, you're his last chance at having someone in the family who shares his passion.

On this night, the neighborhood kids convened in our backyard for a game... They started getting "ready", practicing cheers, adorning their tie-dye t-shirts, and building team spirit.

You sure had wanted to be in the middle of things. Lucky for you, Daddy was all to ready to include you!


Baby on the Loose

It was another unseasonably cool day, so we wandered to Deanna Rose Farmstead, with Kenzie's BFF. You rode contentedly for about 10 minutes and then wanted OUT of that darn stroller.

It seems you're ready to hike with the big kids baby!


St. Louis flashbacks

This year, we met Nana, Poppy, Aunt "Wori," Uncle Don, Aunt Annie, Uncle "Dylwan" & the !!Cousins!! in St. Louis for a long weekend of family fun. We had great expectations for a zillion outings, but we quickly learned that all we needed was the whole family contained in a hotel room for endless giggles and good times.

Upon arrival, you got squirrely with daddy on the hotel bed.

The best part of the trip was getting to spend time with your favoritest people...a few of which are shown here:

You did some night-time bubbles, followed by most excellent night-time sleeping. You did great in the hotel room, and even slept in past 8:00 a.m. the first morning there. (okay, so you made up for it the next morning by waking up at 6:00, but still we. were. thrilled.)

& spent a great deal of time in the hotel swimming pool(s):

We visited the FANTASTIC Grant's Farm & St. Louis Zoo:

And by the end of the trip...you were completely POOPED.

But, it was so worth it!

Body Paint

Homemade body paint:
2 tsp Cornstarch
1 tsp cold cream
1 tsp. water
3-4 drops food coloring.
Mix together in an egg carton or muffin tin, apply with paintbrushes.
We used the garden hose for clean-up! (Rylan decided the diaper was optional, for this part)


On a cool day in July...

we visited a park. It was an interesting trip, getting there...

First we went to the library to turn in your summer reading book log - in exchange for a free book. Once we got there, we realized your sis had left the logs sitting by the shoes in the garage. Tears were imminent, so I promised we'd return after your nap - with the log. We achieved this and went to the park ...where we realized we'd forgotten your shoes. Back home we went & after a quick selection of shoes, we returned to the park to install the shoes. It was then that I realized we had two left feet. So...this is how you came to have "two left feet."

No matter. You could have cared less. You LOVE the park. & you don't. want. any. help. loving. it. You've hit that age. That "I want to do everything MYSELF" age. So, I sit back with the camera which only slightly distracts me from wondering when you might hurt yourself!


Rain, Rain...

..go away. Little Rylan want's to play!

However, a little rain won't slow you down! I think Zoey wishes it would, since you were quite intent on taking her for a walk on the leash right out into the thick of it. (is she grimacing??)


A day of cute.

Today, was overcast and dreamy cool. So, we headed out bright and early. You are simply too cute for words. So, I'll show it in {lots} of pictures: