We're moving!

So kiddo. Daddy has left this morning and you're still not quite sure what's going on. Everyone's talking about "we're moving to Colorado." And, you've heard it enough times that you're telling everyone too. "I's going to Colorado! My bed is going to the mountains!!!"

It's big news, and we're all excited about it. There's just one problem. We're leaving the swingset behind!


Helper to the Daisies

Somebody was a lot of help while we set up girl scout camp. Until he went and fell on his head in a mud puddle! I think this is one of the many reasons why you became kind of a troop mascot!


I's Dressed!

Having gone quiet in the bedrooms upstairs - I called up to you both. Kenzie assured me that she had it under control - she was just getting you dressed for the day. She says you chose this outfit together.

And, you both seemed to love it very much. So, I let you wear it for the whole morning!


Colorado Trip

This year, we planned a duplicate of last year's camping trip to Morraine Park. We were really looking forward to it - especially since Daddy has started interviewing for a job in Denver. We had a memorable trip to the mountains this year, but were especially sad to leave them behind on the way back home in Kansas. We all kind of had our fingers crossed that we'd be returning soon ..as Colorado Residents!

These are my favorite photos of you taken during that trip:


Fourth of July!!